Radical Skills Education and Research Center is a social enterprise that aims to skill motivated young people from all walks of life into becoming globally-valued professionals, with the use of cutting-edge pedagogical methods and a comprehensive redesign of the teaching-learning infrastructure. Its core focus is opening up opportunities in new & emerging growth sectors in digital economy—local and global. For this, it delivers all-round, integrated skilling that equips students to perform in a global environment. Its intended impact is to seed entrepreneurship, inculcate research and generates a multiplier effect towards reducing un- as well as under-employment.

In addition to pedagogy, Radical Skills Education and Research Center also reviews and reworks the teaching-learning space and infrastructure as an essential and integral aspect of pedagogy along with contemporary research methods. Quality and attention to student comfort (both physiological as well as psychological & emotional) and easy access to learning opportunities are placed paramount, and soft-skills/life-skills are given the same emphasis (or more, if required) as technical and professional skills.

Radical Skills Education and Research Center faculties are not only highly proficient in their fields but also live practitioners as well as close in age to the trainees. They are excellent mentors and resources that the students can identify with, approach without hesitation, and become lifelong friends with.

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