Radical Skills Education and Research Center has formed collaborations with the world’s leader in digital applications and economy, as well as leaders in training and facility design, and created a world-class program that is customized for India. These collaborations are not one-time knowhow-transfer or licensing, but long-term and intended to evolve over the years, updating and diversifying the program as it reaches out to more and more youth.

Play meets Challenge for the Win

Let us be very clear, some of these might look like the usual but minus all that unnecessary blabber you need. If you are someone who thrives to become a self-learnt professional or entrepreneur, our challenge-based learning environment will boost your growth to be skilled to become a part of the digital economy. While you learn some really good stuff, we will be working on grooming you for the bigger picture.

Personal learning becomes better with Apple, Adobe and IDF

Through our partnership with Apple, Adobe as well as Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), we deliver Apple, Adobe and IDF certified training courses covering basic to advanced skills for the app economy. For an instance with respect to Apple, you’re developing, deploying or maintaining iOS-based devices; integrating Mac in a Windows business environment; or preparing to gain Apple certification, we have a training course for you and your team. Similarly, fo your design and UI/UX capabilities we have designed Adobe and IDF certified courses. Productive discussions while you learn is what will bring the swift change

So as to impact India’s youth at any level of scale, Radical Skills Education and Research Center has formed tie-ups with various state governments, universities as well as vocational training institutes to impart quality educational programs to their students via a training-cum-consulting model. Many more such tie-ups are in the pipeline, and details are expected to be finalized soon.

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